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B2B Business Development Specialists

MARFORTEC  a professional organization specializing in "Hands On" INNOVATIVE Business2Business Market Development in finding new SALES opportunities within the UK, or across continental Europe, into markets that may not known or understood by the client that offers New opportunities, Business Growth often with Increased Margins.

Most industrial companies operate in tight Business Corridors most having limited understanding of potential threats from other technologies from outside of their area of knowledge or recognize potential opportunities for Business Growth where tweaking of existing client expertise could be coupled with a new industrial application (outside of Clients corridor) that may offer an opportunity to expand both their sales volume and margins.  

Since MARFORTEC formation (1990) upwards of 100 million of new business 
has been developed and commercialized for Clients.

No 1 Objective: - To Create For Our Client Customers Ongoing Profitable Earnings

We Provide Innovative Solutions Developing and Finding New Business.  We are Experienced in Bringing New Products to Market or in Finding New Markets for Mature Products and Services.

Impressive Client List - Many Years of International Experience.

MARFORTEC is registered with the USA Government Commercial Services Department as an approved 
Business Development Specialists, listed in the Business Service Providers (BSP) Directory.

'Our Services are Well Proven'

We specialise in Technology, Plastics, Materials, Packaging, Industrial Products and Services.

3 Hazeldene, Wendover, Bucks, UK, HP22 6NG
telephone +44 (0)1296 696128    Email info@marfortec.co.uk

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