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(1) Manufacturer of Carbon Fibre:

bulletClient wanted to find a market for rejected carbon fibre not meeting minimum physical strength specification requirements, but with other intrinsic properties, being scrapped at an ever increasing disposal cost. The percentage of material being rejected was considerable.
bulletReviewed the intrinsic properties of the carbon fibre, carried out market research and identified potential uses.
bulletCarried out a comprehensive market/technical research study to identify patents, potential competitors, barriers to entry and end user needs.
bulletPrepared a "How Best to Compete Strategy"
bulletIdentified the potential use of CF as a conductive polymer filler for EMI shielding, but needed innovative technical solutions to enable the CF to be successfully incorporated into a polymer matrix without breaking the fibre into too smaller length and thus, ensuring a consistent, efficient, reliable conductor.
bulletFound solutions to solve the difficult technical problems, proved the method and achieved the polymer demanding electrical property needs.
bulletIdentified customers, developed the market, set pricing, got end user specification approvals and generated sales.
bulletThe CF manufacturer now sells, through their existing sales force, too a wide range of customers, Carbon Fibre specifically for EMI shielding applications, etc.
bulletThe hitherto, rejected Carbon Fibre is now being sold at attractive margins, making a positive contribution to the bottom line.

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