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(2) USA specialist Manufacturer of Polymer Coated Films:

bulletA USA company wanted to increase exports sales from a very low sales base, but needed to identify new business opportunities based on their existing technology in order to compete against local competition, thus exploiting their special skills, capabilities and thus avoid price erosion.
bulletCarried out market research to identify competitors, competing technologies, users and uses of specialised coated films, customer needs, barriers to entry, etc.   Prepared a "How Best to Compete Strategy" with market potential objectives.
bulletIdentified a new niche business opportunity with multi-million $ world-wide sales potential for a new product as a specialised film used in conjunction with pre-painted metal finishing used principally by the appliance industry that offered End Users substantial cost savings in reducing wastage.
bulletIdentified the technical needs, cost performance parameters.
bulletIdentified potential customers, worked with the USA company to develop, test and get specification approvals. 
bulletDeveloped sales from zero $'s, to $2,000,000 pa high margin business growing at 15% per annum..

The films are now being sold world-wide in ever increasing volumes.  New film applications have been identified to complement the original product line that further offer substantial costs savings in decorative metal finishing.

(3) USA specialist Paper Manufacturer 


Major manufacturer of specialised paper wanted to establish a sales position in the European market in order to compete against home imported competition.


Carried out a market survey to identify competitors, pricing, products and obtained samples for USA market comparison.


Identified major customers and route to market in each country from manufacturer to user (some direct from manufacturer to user, others, via distributors).


Identified would be distributors, potential customers and arranged client visits to same.


Prepared a "How Best to Compete Marketing Strategy" 


Client transferred own sales representative to Europe to progress opportunities. 
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