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(4) USA / European joint venture compounding injection moulding grades of PVC:

bulletA newly formed joint venture with limited marketing resources, needed to identify new markets, expand, and broaden sales base and develop sales.
bulletCarried out market research to identify end use applications, listed the drivers that would either hinder or promote change, recommended and implemented the market development strategy.
bulletIdentified a number of new application areas where PVC alloys could substitute other expense engineering plastics.  Prepared and implemented a strategy to overcome the prejudice to using PVC.
bulletIntroduced new business that contributed 30% increase in sales revenue, increased customer base by 50% on project completion.

(5) German manufacturer of retail display body forms:

bulletHad serious problems with UK licensee of a patented product, lost sales, poor distribution in the important UK market.
bulletFound that the licensee was acting dishonestly in selling counterfeit body forms through a third party.
bulletWorked with lawyers to resolve situation.
bulletPrepared UK marketing strategy for the client to regain the UK market and implemented same.
bulletSet up distribution network, prepared trade press releases, magazine interviews - specialised articles.
bulletHelped client rebuild sales position.

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