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(6) European manufacturer of Flooring Products:
bulletClient suffering loss of market share, continual erosion of prices that needed to reverse trend.
bulletCarried out Market research to identify how the market perceived the client products, identified customer / distributor needs, etc. prepared and then implemented the marketing strategy to reverse the negative trends.
bulletWorked with the company management to re-organise the sales function, trained the sales people to be responsible for their business territory, prices, margins, inventories, selection of distributors where each sales territory was managed as a micro business. 
bulletRe-positioned the product lines, introduced point of sale promotions, and initiated end user training, etc.
bulletInitiated partnership agreements with distributors and expanded the network.   Helped the distributors improve their business performance (margins) through targeting specific end user customers.
bulletReversed the decline in business performance within 6 months and achieved month on month sales growth of 5%.
bulletIncreased market share from a low of 5% to 20% within two years, raised revenues substantially and improved profits dramatically.
bulletPositioned the company whereby customers placed ever increasing repeat business.
bulletInitiated new products and commercialised same.
bulletRESULT: Turned a failing company into a success.

(7) USA Specialist High Precision multi cavity Injection Mould Tool Manufacturer:

bulletClient wanted to establish business in Europe for specialised injection moulding tools for use in high volume, high precision moulded component manufacture demanding very fast cycle times.
bulletMulti cavity tools where constructed by the USA tool manufacturer using unique machining methods that allowed large capacity tooling (many cavities) to be fabricated with great accuracy in minimum of tool construct time. 
bulletCarried out market research to identify potential customers and competitors.
bulletEstablished pricing points to allow for competitive pricing.
bulletHelped develop the European business where the USA tooling company provides direct customer service to a select list of specialist end users. 

(8) Manufacturer of Specialised Security Labels needed to Identify Market Changes and Widen Product Offerings:  

bulletCarried out market research to identify suppliers of high security labels, methods of tracking, equipment manufacturers and software suppliers.
bulletIdentified different label technologies, route to market and how to manufacture.
bulletIdentified would be new users of high security labels concerned about costs and worked with same to find economic solutions.
bulletEstablished pricing points and competitive advantages to enable competitive pricing.
bulletHelped develop first commercial customers now handled by the in-house sales organisation. 

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