Client Benefits



MARFORTEC  B2B Business Development Specialists.

'We Find Customers and develop Sales'

Client Benefits:

bulletExperience.  Many years successful experience helping European and non-European companies find and develop business that adds value to the 'Bottom Line'
bulletCost Benefits.  A contracted out business development / selling / marketing resource where 'Effort is Tailored to Need'  without the need for adding employee headcount when the initial market size does not justify full time employee commitment, or the potential problems re using commission agents where agreements (under EU law) can be costly to exit.
bulletDedicated Resource.  Exclusive marketing representation of the client's company without conflicts of interest.
bulletFull Trading Control.  All business transactions are between the client and customer, thus, ensuring full trading control.
bulletBudget Control.  The ability to forecast the marketing costs tailored to need, with the added benefit of being able to increase the cost/effort as business performance increases.
bulletMarket Knowledge. Many years working within the wide European market with many established contacts. 
bulletLocal Presence.  Essential if you are a non-European company. The provision of a local sales office address and support.
bulletCustomer Relations.  Customer relationships are developed solely for the client company. Direct customer-client contact is encouraged.

We Specialise in Technology, Plastics, Materials, Packaging, Industrial Products and Services.

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