MARFORTEC  B2B Business Development Specialists.

Your organisation may wish to develop, expand, or improve your business in the UK or across continental Europe.  Alternatively, you may have developed a new product or service that needs special 'hands on' Marketing or Business Development attention in order to generate sales.  

'We Find Customers and Develop Sales'

Our Services are well Proven.  We have gained an excellent reputation for creativity innovation in finding and developing profitable new markets, delivering results, for both mature and new products.

Our Service Includes:   
bulletHelping non-European or European client companies develop or expand their business throughout the UK or Continental Europe.
bulletFind Customers & Develop Sales.
bulletIdentify new business opportunities, Find Customers, Generating Sales, Get Specification Approvals, Providing Local Customer Service, (Managing Distribution and Providing a Local Office Address, if required).
bullet"Hands on" participation from very experienced business development professionals with a strong technical backgrounds.
bulletWe provide Market Research to identify marketing opportunities, barriers to entry, pricing, competition, route to market, national specification codes. etc. (we call them Battle Plans)
bulletBench mark competition.
bulletPrepare for client review a 'How Best to Compete Strategy'.
bulletOrganise and manage local distribution (if required).
bulletAssist with credit control (if required).
bulletProvide a local office address (if required)
bulletWe provide a service akin to having your own very experienced professional marketing personnel 'X" number days per month exclusively representing / managing your business without conflicts of interest.
bulletGain access to a wide network of known contacts across a very broad diverse industrial base.
bulletWe also provide Client in House "Business Development Training" based on many years of practical, hard earned experience in finding and commercialising new business often with minimal resources. 

End User Areas Covered:

bulletGeneral Industry.

We specialise in Technology, Plastics, Materials, Packaging, Industrial Products and Services.

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